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Poster: parallax7 Date: Jun 22, 2007 2:11pm
Forum: computerchronicles Subject: Computer Chronicles Magazine/DVD Mock-up

I’m aware that there are plans to bring the Computer Chronicles to DVD in season boxsets but unfortunately there has been no announcement about when this will happen. As such after spending some time in a graphics program I did a few mock-ups to see what could be done if a magazine were to be produced about the chronicles.

There are three image (jpeg) attachments to this post:

<1>: A representation of what the front cover could look like, of course a lot more work would need to be done before publication!

<2>: The front side of a DVD case sleeve with the same dimensions of cases which usually accompany computer magazines.

<3>: Top side of a DVD that could include details about its contents, issue date and number etc. I’ve always liked the 1990-1994 Computer Chronicles logo as a DVD surface, especially after having tried several other images in its place.

Not sure if such an idea would work but there’s certainly a lot of interest out there for Computer Chronicle DVD’s so maybe even a one-off magazine could be published alongside a DVD release?

Comments/feedback are welcome


Attachment: mag cover.jpg
Attachment: CD COVER.jpg
Attachment: dvd mockup.jpg